Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Field Trip to Juming Museum!

Tomorrow I'm going to JUMING MUSEUM! Before I go though I'm going to research some background information! Here's my result.

Ju Ming, original named as Ju Chuan-tai, was born in Miaoli, Tongsiao, in 1938. He was the eleventh child in his family. When he was born, his parents’ combined age was 92 years, so his nickname was “nine two.” Though he was from a poor family and his parents were always busy keeping the wolf from the door, his education did not suffer at all. Ju Ming sat in the first row of his classes, but he did not understand much. The only subjects he was interested in were fine arts and physical education. His academic accomplishments were thus not very high, but his homeroom teacher did not think any the less of him; on the contrary, he liked Ju Ming. At that time, Ju Ming had to combine study with work. He had to herd cows and sheep after school. Finally, at 13, Ju Ming got his one and only academic diploma. Afterwards, he helped to support his family, working as a clerk in a grocery store. 

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